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“Very informative, didn't waste any time, every second was full of relevant information and real life experience.” – Nicholas Major

This course covers the most important concepts and processes of the Project Management best practices in one hour.  First an overview of definitions, key concepts, and the formal PMI process is provided.  Then the key elements of the Initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitoring & Control, and Closing stages are described.

A subset of the world's most popular applied PM course Practical Project Management, this concentrated crash course provides a complete understanding of the whole PM process in less than 60 minutes. At the conclusion of this course you will understand (1) The difference between a process, project, and program; (2) The most important concept in project management; (3) Why you need Initiation before Planning; (4) How Planning ensures everyone knows what they are getting into before they start; (5) The supreme importance of truth-telling in project reviews; and (6) how to wrap-up your project in an organized fashion.

You will also earn one Professional Development Unit (PDU).


William Stewart is a PMI certified Project Management Professional (PMP) who has managed projects for more than a quarter century, from just a few thousand dollars to $55M, in the domains of system integration, software, organizational improvement, business process, construction, real estate, research, and others.  He has delivered more than 330 live onsite PM courses to more than 3,300 people.  He has worked for aerospace, government, academia, and founded a software startup.  He has deep experience with project management, risk management, contract management, systems integration, and software engineering.  He earned his Ph.D. in Computer Science for development of an algorithm that builds multi-dimensional geodesic domes in optimum space and time.

Student Comments

“An excellent course covering the project management essentials from beginning to end.” – Martha Teran

“Very good match for where I'm at, taking me smoothly to where I need to go” – David Byron

“Good overview, helped me better understand what PMs do and their perspective.” – Samuel Lyche

“I recommend this course for anyone wanting an overview of project management essentials in a logical manner.” – Russell Perry

“A great course not only for new project managers but also for existing PMs who would like to refresh themselves with the fundamentals.” – Jade Mercado

“I gained more practical hands on knowledge in this course than from some 30 hour courses.” –Robert Merritt

“Good not just for project managers but for anyone working on a project.” –  Dave Uebele

“A good review of the PMBOK and a good starting point for anyone wanting to become PMP certified.” – Peter Payne - Findlay

“Very valuable, I recommend for new PMs or anyone interested in learning more about project management in general.” – Nicole Newton

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to the course!

    1. Overview: Project Definition

    2. Overview: Program Definition

    3. Overview: The Five PM Stages

    4. Overview: The Triple Constraint

    5. Overview: The Role Of The Project Manager

    1. Initiation: The Project Charter

    1. Planning: One Page Planning Flowchart

    2. Planning: The Core Project Team (CPT)

    3. Planning: The Project Management Plan

    4. Planning: Final Project Plan Review

    1. Execution: The Purpose Of Execution

    1. Monitoring & Control: The Purpose Of Monitoring And Control

    2. Monitoring & Control: Monthly Statusing

    3. Monitoring & Control: One Page Monthly Report

    4. Monitoring & Control: The Monthly Review

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  • 21 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content