"Finally, an online course that teaches the ‘how’ of project management from an experienced veteran." – Karin Brame 

Deeply Practical Project Management is currently the world's leading online applied PM course, licensed to more than half of the Fortune 100 companies, including Aflac, Box, Mattel, Nasdaq, Tata, Volkswagen and many others. It has been taken by more than 52,000 students, and more than 350,000 minutes are watched every month.  It is now available direct to you.  

When you finish the course, you will earn 16 Professional Development Units (PDU's), and a certificate giving you the Practical Project Manager (PPM) certification.  

In addition to lifetime access to the 200 video library, you will also receive the following resources:

  • Professional Example.  A complete set of professional PM documentation for an example $44M project that you can reuse as a model for your own projects.  Includes a Project Charter, Stakeholder Register, Work Breakdown Structure, Precedence Diagram, Project Management Plan, Gantt Schedule, Risk Register, and more.

  • MS Office Guide.  The guide "Project Planning With MS Office" that explains how to use Microsoft Office applications as simply as possible to prepare your project scope, schedule, and budget.

  • Templates.  Microsoft Office templates for thirteen key PM documents, from Stakeholder Register to Project Plan to Risk Register to Final Report.

Student Comments

Here is some of what enrollees in the course have had to say:

"I am interviewing for a PM position in two days. This course boosted my confidence and gave me valuable insight into key PMBOK areas I haven't considered since I received my PMI certification in 2012. I’m also able to improve my resume since I now understand how certain PM functions I've been performing for years are much more valuable than I thought." – Dan Bischoff, PMP

"Over the course of a 20 year career I have purchased many training materials, video courses, study guides, etc, and this was hands down the best material I have ever used." – Christopher Irons

"I have been a PMP since 2006 and learned so much from this course, truly outstanding." – Mark Thorogood, PMP

"This is by far the best project management course I have ever taken!" – Susan Steigler, PMP

"This is the best real-world practical PM course on the web. Valuable knowledge and insight, clear, and hands on. A great investment when your time is really valuable and you don't want to waste a minute of it." – Sarah Hajipour

"This course offers some of the most valuable material I've consumed as a Project Manager." – Philip Kohler

"This is a very, very useful resource for both Project Managers and team members. The best PM course I have taken online." – Marcelo Palenzuela

"Excellent course -- easy to understand -- wish I had reviewed this resource before I took my PMP exam!" – Thomas Flores

"The only course you will need. Walks you through all the phases of project management. With examples, anecdotes, and most importantly - templates. Highly recommend!" – Allan Madhuram

"I took this course after earning my PMP certification, and am stunned by the practical insights it provides. Thank you! I definitely recommend for both newbies and experienced Project Managers." – Raj Bidika

"This was the best project management course that I have taken. I recommend to anyone interested in project management. Really above and beyond what I expected." – Mark April

"Really straightforward and clear. Wish I had taken this before I sat for my PMP test." – Alexander Feravich

"Great course, perfectly delivered. The PMBOK Guide applied to reality. I plan to repeat this course over and over again." – Alain Yeno

"Not only does this course teach you practical project management, it also teaches you life skills you will keep for a lifetime. Exceptional. I couldn't have asked for anything better." – Saad Faruqui

"Crisp and direct, no blabbing. Wise to go with this first before consulting any other material." – Rufus Okomhanru

"The course was amazing. A lot of real life examples. In my 17 years of PM experience I have never taken a more concise, informative, and easy to understand PM walk-through." – Vladimir Mitev

"I've been managing projects for several years, and picked up key points which will improve my work in the future, and would have made previous projects significantly better if I'd known them sooner. Highly recommended." – David Morrison

"This turned out to be the best money I ever spent. My only regret is I didn't take this course sooner." – Nicholas Ikpi

"One of the greatest courses I have ever had. Short videos you can digest at your own pace. A warm environment, seems that you are talking with him." – Francisco Zapata

Give the course a try.  It will help improve your project performance, and accelerate your career.